Tiger Shark Dive Tiger Shark Dive

Cageless Tiger Shark & Hammerhead Diving with Host Gregory Sweeney

Join us on a thrilling trip to scuba dive with Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Caribbean Reef Sharks, Great Hammerhead Sharks, and other species at the world famous Tiger Beach Bahamas (an underwater beach!) and off shore of Bimini for the Hammerheads.  Shallow depths mean longer dives and our liveaboard means diving all day and into the night.  Photographer Gregory Sweeney hosts this cruise which leaves from West Palm Beach Florida.

7 Day Tiger Beach
    Liveaboard Expedition

October 12 - 18 2019
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A 7 day live aboard adventure! Dive the clear waters at Tiger Beach and be surrounded by Tiger sharks, reef, lemon sharks, and the occasional bull and hammerhead.

Tiger Shark Dive Hammerhead Shark Dive

9 Day Tiger Beach & Bimini
   Hammerheads Liveaboard Combo

March 5 - 13 2019

A 9 day live aboard adventure! First we dive at Tiger Beach for 5 days, then cruise down to Bimini for hammerhead action off the coast.

Tiger Shark Dive Hammerhead Shark Dive

Get up close to shark species on the MV Dolphin Dream with a captain who has been in the shark and dolphin encounter business for 25 years. Our crew uses their extensive knowledge of the waters of the Bahamas to find the best areas to bait the sharks. The crew maintains safe conditions while guests experience uncaged encounters with tiger, lemon, great hammerhead, and reef sharks.  

Your hosts Gregory Sweeney and Takaji Ochi are experienced underwater photographers who want to share the thrill and magic of these threatened species with like minded divers and photogaphers.

The waters of the Bahamas are well known for its clear visibility and bright sand bottom.  The 86’ vessel is both comfortable and built for safety and has plenty of room for camera equipment to be properly handled.  

No cage means you are as close as you can get to these beautiful animals with no obstructions in your photos.

tiger beach Bahamas tiger beach Bahamas tiger beach Bahamas
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